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Trenchdare Engineering are shot blasting specialists, based in Sheffield producing high quality cast steel and stainless steel shot. We have ISO 9002 accreditation and have been in the business for over 25 years.

There is no larger producer of cut wire pellets in Europe today both in high and medium tensile steel as well as stainless steel for both shot blasting and dry media polishing applications.

We stock high and low carbon analysis types of cast steel shots for clients who require suitable media which will breakdown to produce various particle sizes. When in use these products produce a rounded profile.

Our cast stainless steel shots are available in all sizes for customers looking to blast a Stainless, Aluminium or other Alloy type surfaces without the risk of ferrous contamination associated with the use of either cast steel or chilled iron abrasives.

Our high tensile carbon steel pellets are used mostly in applications where a more tenacious type of contamination such as heavy scale from heat treatment or forging and sand from heavy casting processes are encountered.

Feel free to browse our site to find details on any of the products that we have to offer. As shot blasting specialists we know what you expect from us and we provide only the finest products.

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