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Shot peening is a process that produces a compressive residual stress layer and modifies the mechanical properties of metals. The process itself involves hitting the surface with a form of shot with enough force to promote plastic deformation.

With shot peening the surface that is blasted with shot has the mechanical properties of the surface changed. Depending on numerous factors in the shot peening process fatigue life can be increased up to 1000 percent.

Many types of systems are used in the shot peening process including air blast systems and centrifugal blast wheels. With the blast system shot is sent using high pressure air directly onto the surface that requires peening. The blast wheel is a paddle wheel that rotates at high speed and shot is placed at the centre of the wheel and is pushed outwards from the centrifugal force caused by the spinning wheel. There are other methods including ultrasonic, laser and wet.

Here at Trenchdare Engineering state-of-the-art equipment has been installed for production of conditioned cut wire pellets both in carbon and stainless steel for shot peening.

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